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Strategic Research Plan

In June 2010, after consultation with utility, private enterprise, government and research sectors nationally, the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence released its Strategic Research Plan (SRP). The plan , reviewed in 2012 and 2013, guided the Centre’s investment in an industry relevant research program. The plan provided an overview of water recycling in Australia and overseas, identified a series of research needs.

Developed by the Research Advisory Committee, the plan builds on the Centre’s research themes identified in Discussion Papers released in March 2010, as well as input gained during national workshops with industry and research organisations.

The plan established four key industry relevant research goals to target research outcomes:

Goal 1: The social/economic/environmental value of water recycling is demonstrated and enhanced;

Goal 2: A national validation framework for water recycling is established;

Goal 3: Reclaimed water is seen as an acceptable ‘alternative water’ for augmenting drinking water supplies;

Goal 4: A national knowledge, training and education program for water recycling is established.

The Plan reviewed the status of water recycling development overseas and in Australia, recognised the challenges associated with the continuing development of water recycling, and outlined how the Centre’s research themes and goals will guided the investment portfolio to meet these challenges.