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Professor Richard Stuetz
Professor Richard Stuetz

University of New South Wales – Water Research Centre and UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology

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The University of New South Wales has provided water science, engineering and management solutions to the Australian water industry for more than 50 years. Research activities in water recycling and management are lead through the UNSW Water Research Centre (WRC) and the UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology.

The WRC provides multidisciplinary research in water resources, engineering, management and the development of tools for environmental management, risk assessment and sustainability for improving the aquatic and atmospheric environments. Its consists of two research nodes at the Kensington campus and the UNSW Water Research Laboratory at Manly Vale (established in 1959) and is operated through the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The UNESCO Centre for Membrane Science and Technology is a leading international centre engaged in basic and applied research on membrane separations for the treatment of gases and liquids in water, energy, food processing and biomedical applications. The Centre is located in the School of Chemical Engineering and was established in 1987 as a centre of excellence in membrane science. UNSW research activities in water recycling are supported by other centres in connectivity waters, biofilms, and river and wetlands.

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