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Corporate publications


Final Report to the Australian Government

Final Report 2016 Final Report 2016 (3620 KB)

Supplementary Reports

Research Quality Assessment Research Quality Assessment (1259 KB)

Pilot Plants Pilot Plants (671 KB)

Evaluation of Research Impact and Adoption Evaluation of Research Impact and Adoption (1224 KB)

Research Gaps Analysis Research Gaps Analysis (1220 KB)

Independent Review Panel Report 2016 Independent Review Panel Report 2016 (663 KB)


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Corporate Strategic Plan

The Corporate Strategic Plan set the Centre's vision, mission and values, outlined the corporate objectives, defined the strategic intent and articulated key performance indices. The overview factsheet highlighted the four objectives and how the Centre planned to meet the key organisational challenges, as well as the key outcomes for each objective.

Strategic Plan Overview 2014-2016 Strategic Plan Overview 2014-2016 (630 KB)

Strategic Plan 2014-2016 Strategic Plan 2014-2016 (618 KB)


Strategic Research Plan

The Centre's Strategic Research Plan, developed by the Research Advisory Committee, identified four industry relevant goals guided the Centre's research investment.

Strategic Research Plan Overview Strategic Research Plan Overview (296 KB)

Strategic Research Plan 2012 Strategic Research Plan 2012 (2356 KB)


Annual Reports

The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence has released its sixth and final Annual Report, covering the Centre's progress in 2015-16, which recognises the people involved in the Centre since inception in 2009 until 2016.

Annual Report 2015-16 Annual Report 2015-16 (4138 KB)

Annual Report 2014-15 Annual Report 2014-15 (2992 KB)

Annual Report 2013-14 Annual Report 2013-14 (2633 KB)

Annual Report 2012-13 Annual Report 2012-13 (1624 KB)

Annual Report 2011-12 Annual Report 2011-12 (3230 KB)

Annual Report 2010-11 Annual Report 2010-11 (2801 KB)

Annual Report 2009-10 Annual Report 2009-10 (1862 KB)



Project Progress Reports

The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence released a series of Project Progress reports to provide information on the goals, progress and outcomes of projects funded by the Centre.


Project Progress 2014-15 Project Progress 2014-15 (7162 KB)

Project Progress 2013-14 Project Progress 2013-14 (3411 KB)

Project Progress 2012-13 Project Progress 2012-13 (2330 KB)

Project Progress 2011-12 Project Progress 2011-12 (3933 KB)



Tours of Australia's Water Recycling Program

The Centre worked with the Australian Water Association to evaluate opportunities for international delegations coming to Australia to take a first-hand look at many of the Centre’s projects and tour various locations around Australia.

Tours of Australia's Water Recycling Program Tours of Australia's Water Recycling Program (629 KB)