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About us

The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence was a national research organisation established to enhance the efficiency, expansion and acceptance of water recycling in Australia through industry, government and research partnerships.

By investing in a portfolio of industry-relevant research projects across the full water recycling spectrum, the Centre developed practical solutions to secure Australia’s future water supply and, at the same time, build awareness and understanding in the community about the role water recycling can play as a climate resilient water source.

The Centre  also worked with key stakeholders to maximise benefits of urban water research nationally and ensure a sustainable research and development program into the long term.

The Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence was established in December 2009 and officially launched in March 2010. Under a funding agreement with the Australian Government, the Centre received $20 million under the National Urban Water and Desalination Plan.


To be  recognised as a world leader in research and promotion of sustainable water recycling.


To enhance management and use of water recycling through industry and research partnerships, build capacity and capability within the recycled water industry, and promote water recycling as a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable option for future water security.


Leadership – undertake and promote leadership of the water recycling research agenda in Australia

Communication – understand and communicate the benefits of considering the full range of water recycling opportunities for scheme implementation

Education – build the skills and technical capacity and capability within utility, regulator and private industry and research organisations

Efficiency – seek and promote enhanced efficiency and innovation within water recycling industry and research in Australia


The Centre was administered by Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence Limited, a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.

The company was governed by a Board of Directors and managed by the CEO. The Centre's investment strategy was guided by a Research Advisory Committee which comprised delegates from distinguished water industry entities that represent a collaboration of commercial and research interests.

Host Institution

Seqwater, a State of Queensland Statutory Authority and the provider of safe and secure, climate-resilient water sources to South East Queensland, was the administrative organisation of the national research Centre.