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2015 news archive


Advancing resource recovery - new report

A Centre-funded report that takes an investor’s perspective to recovering resources from wastewater is gaining traction with industry overseas… Read more


Recharging aquifers with treated wastewater cost effective for heavy industry

Managed aquifer recharge (MAR) with recycled treated wastewater is a cost-effective option for augmenting non potable water supplies at Kwinana’s heavy industry precinct near Perth according to a new report by the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence. … Read more


Join the conversation about Perth's water future

Two Centre projects describing how recycled water can recharge aquifers in Perth have been featured in CSIRO’s online blog Ecos. … Read more


Innovation a key component to the expansion of water recycling in Australia

The Centre welcomes a national dialogue on water recycling among private enterprise innovators and the role Australia’s peak water association has taken in fostering the ongoing involvement of industry.… Read more