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2014 news archive


Industry-Academic Exchange Fellow wins international award

Professor Karl Linden of the University of Colorado Boulder, and a Fellow with the Australian Water Recycling Centre of Excellence, has won the 2014 WateReuse Person of the Year at the WateReuse Association’s 2014 Symposium in Dallas, Texas.… Read more


Wichita Falls starts using treated wastewater for drinking

The City of Wichita Falls, Texas, has officially turned on the taps to start drinking recycled water… Read more


Recycled water for drinking - Information tools and engagement strategies

A video overview of the tools, strategies and resouces for developing a recycled water for drinking public education and engagement program.… Read more


Economic viability of recycled water schemes reports now available

Three technical reports that underpin the ‘Economic viability of recycled water schemes’ report prepared by Marsden Jacobs Associates for the Centre are now available… Read more


Preparing for the coming of direct potable water recycling

Dr John Radcliffe, Chair of the Centre's Research Advisory Committee, begs the question: with less than half of the water industry respondents to a survey thinking recycled water is suitable for both potable and non-potable uses, have we no faith in our own capabilities?… Read more


New webcast available-Rethinking disinfection in drinking water systems public lecture

What if chlorine were a new technology today—would it be acceptable for use in water treatment compared with UV and ozone? Professor Karl Linden from the University of Colorado presented a public lecture at RMIT University on Wednesday 19 February 2014.
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